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This is where the small seeds grow to become huge trees that beneficial to others

Knowledge is not powerful, but applying the knowledge to other people's life is powerful. Knowledge is about impact and change....not just to the people that we taught but also to the person that teach other people about something.


Sometimes Changes are Good

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It has been a while since i last wrote in my blog. Nothing much to say, it is just starting from 1st January 2010, my life would have a bit of change. Mama will transfer work to Tangkak, Johor. So, that means i am the one who will take charge of the welfare of my little brother, Hazim n the house (nasib baik sopi ade jugak kat umah, walaupun on n off.huhu). Talking about 'welfare'...mostly, it is the welfare of the stomach for Hazim :) n of course his studies. That will be followed with other things that definitely change the way i am now. Ok, wish me luck.

My thoughts today

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:: "i cannot stand person who do not walk their talks, those who simply can write or say things that are so not potray their own self" ::

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5 year old son been beaten up by his own mother for the past 3 years. That was the news that shocked all Malaysians this week. It is so heart breaking and sometimes a bit creepy to know that the boy still loves his mother even though the mother keep beats him up without hesitation, as to quote the topic for the news "I loves my mother but she beats me up".

I try to imagine such a small child that supposed to be loved and cared by his own flesh and blood has been treated with cruelty. It was stated in the news that when the welfare worker had came to the rescue, the boy surprisingly refused to follow and never stop clinging to his mother. It is not fair for the boy that willingly and innocently trusts his mother has been treated that way. I don't want to be judgmental but I strongly believes that the boy still wants his mother because he has no one to turn into. Maybe after she beats his son, she hugs him or feeds him so that she could reduced the feelings of guilty. well.. that SELFISH right??

The terrifying story unfold after the boy's piano teacher spots bruises all over his body. She had asked the boy's mother about it but she only been told by the mother that the boy was naughty or he knocked himself out. Bruises at the back of his body and swollen bleeding lips with fallen teeth. These evidences we call 'knocked himself out'? Nonsense! It means 'I've been beaten up everyday'. I know that the single mother is going through a hard life with her monster husband who beats her and then left her but hello... it is not the permission ticket to punish or to blast your anger at your own son.

Please, your son is not a thing that you can do whatever you like. Go get treatment, you can have a better life with your son after this. Come to think about it, actually your son is your savior. He is the one who will took care of you in the near future. Don't treats him like hell if you don't want him to be like his dad. Look at your son's innocent eyes, he needs you. You are the one who brought him to the world. Be responsible for it. (if only I can speaks to the mother personally). To the father, don't be such a coward. Turn up and fix things.

As a reminder, Rasulullah told us that the older are to respect and the younger are to loved and sheltered.


Hingga Sampai Syurga

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Selamat tinggal dunia..selamat tinggal ibuku sayang, ayahku tercinta, isteriku, anak-anakku..kami tidak mati, kami hidup dalam syurga.

Malaikat Izrail mencabut nyawaku dan ditunjukkan kepadaku keindahan syurga yang menantiku..

Alhamdulillah..dalam keadaan begini kami akan dibangkitkan pada hari pembalasan kelak. Kami bangga dapat memperjuangkan agamaMu ya Allah..Allahuakbar!

Ibu, ayah, isteri, anak-anakku, usah ditangisi pemergian kami..Moga jumpa di akhirat kelak.

Palestine, bumi para syuhada..ganjaran yang indah bakal menantimu wahai pejuang..

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This is a story of a person that I adores most of the time. To tell u the truth, until now I kept thinking about him sometimes. It kinds of sadden me but at the same time I felt warmth inside because thinking about him makes me reminds how good old days was. It was like a chapter in a book that has been forgotten but actually it was still there in the mind of those who appreciate the greatness of love. I still can picture clearly all the memories that we have gone through together. It was the untold story that full of warmth and love.

KUSESS, Secondary 4, Aspuri (Phone Booth), 2000

The news ripped my heart. Shocked! that was my feelings at that time. My heart beats faster than usual. Why is this happening to me? Is it true?? It can't be!! I questioned myself over and over again. That was it. There was no use to talk anymore. I felt useless because I cannot do anything about it. I just stood there, holding the receiver tightly and without realizing it, tears slowly ran down onto my cheek and falls drop by drop to the ground. My sight became blur a little while. "Kenapa dik?" that was the voice that I heard before I can tried to calm myself out and at least put a sour smile on my face. I walked slowly back to my dormitory while my head flew back to where everything started.

Children Never Lies

As far as I can remember, he was a very kind person. He always took care of others without even bothered that might burden him. I could not remembered even a single word he raised his voice to me. His gentle voice always very soothing to listen to. He once took care of me when I had a fever. Anything that I asked for will surely be granted. He put me on his lap and started to tell stories about his past. Sometimes, it was really funny that makes me laughed through out the day. Yeah.. I'm telling u, he was and always be the best story teller ever.

When I'm feeling bored, he took me a ride on his motorcycle and we went to have some fresh air along the countryside. The wind blowed harshly to my face forced me to keep my body balanced at all times. What I've done was I just have to hold him from the back and I felt safe already. The best part was before we went back home, he will surely bought something for me to eat or toys to play with.

His favourite garment was a white Pagoda T-shirt and a kain pelikat. It doesn't matter at all. I liked it that way. Late at night, he will seat quietly on his favourite chair in the kitchen and have a drink with tablets on the dining table. I looked at him and kept wondering, why did he must took so many medicine? What kind of disease that he had? Back then, I just felt that it was normal for an old man like him to take medicine for his own health. Now, that I've grown up, I realized that was not the reason.

On one peaceful day, after Subuh prayer, he died of heart attack on the way back home from surau. I heard the news one day late from the rest of my family. My hearts was like shattered glass because I couldn't be with him at his last breath. It really hurts ever since he was not around anymore, afraid to imagine that lifes goes on without this one person. It does change a lot.

Villa Melewar, January 2009


You are always in my heart. Your figure, the way you walk and talk never fade in my memory. Tonnes of love to you.


I hope to call that name again. Well, maybe in my prayer. Amin.

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Masih basah
Kenangan indah
Zaman cemerlang
Era gemilang
Ketika Rasul ada di sisi
Para sahabat
Mentadbir bumi

Zaman Nubuwah
Era Khulafa'
Islam laksana
Api yang menyala
Menerangi teman
Dan juga sahabat
Bahang panas yang membakar lawan.

Dicelah itulah
Kami mengatur langkah
Membina sebuah Taiffah
Disini bara
Tak pernah padam
Digenggam kukuh
Sebuah Azam

Ayuh lah para Mujahid
Ayuh lah para Mujahidah
Kita tinggalkan
Zaman fitnah
Agar tertegak
Kalimah ALLAH
Agar terbangun
Dunia baru Islam..

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